About Jamie

Jamie’s Story

Hi, Jamie Muir here. I became interested in Eastern philosophy and martial arts as a child, after watching the television programmes “Monkey”, and “Kung Fu”. This was the beginning of a lifetime’s passion. After practising Karate for many years I discovered Tai Chi, which I loved immediately due to it’s spiritual/philosophical aspects, and how it makes me feel – deeply relaxed, yet able to tackle anything.
Martial Beginnings
From a self defence perspective, the underpinning idea of not meeting aggression with aggression, but staying calm under pressure to use an opponent’s force against them, really appeals to me, and once I experienced a true Master’s ability to diffuse attacks with seemingly no effort, I was so amazed that I gave up Karate, and dedicated myself to Tai Chi.
More Than Just Self Defence
This idea of effortless action can be applied to daily life. As you become more able to release mental tension, the way you deal with stressful situations improves, even changing your perception of them – they are no longer stressful. This is life changing!
How Tai Chi Changed My Life
For me, Tai Chi is not just exercise, or a martial art, it’s a way of life. It has truly transformed me, changing how I respond to adversity, even enriching my personal relationships, as tensions there are more easily diffused. You don’t just practise Tai Chi, you become it! So this is the main reason I do Tai Chi, to become a better version of myself every day.
My Qualifications/Experience
I have passed an examination with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, and been awarded an Advanced Instructor Certificate. I have over 25 years of martial arts experience, and have been teaching Tai Chi since 2005. I have studied under various Masters, including John Ding, Steve Rowe, and Adam Mizner (Yang Style), Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, and Chen Ziqiang (Chen Style). I have also studied Bagua and Xing Yi (Tai Chi’s “sister” arts), as well as Chen Pan Ling Tai Chi, under Master Luo De Xiu, and his UK representative, Dave Bolton.
Comlpelmentary Arts Experience
I have also studied, and practise Massage, Reflexology, and Shiatsu (a Japanese bodywork system, which shares many of the movement principles of Tai Chi, as well as the underpinning principles of Oriental Medicine). This study has deepened my understanding of the health of the mind and body, and informs my practice.
My Goals
I consider my personal progression very important and aim to enrich my classes with quality instruction. I love to see the changes Tai Chi brings to my students, benefiting them at every level.

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